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April 29, 2017

Flood Testing Journey's Stall

Overnight it poured rain.  The ground is totally squishily saturated.  Incoming today, a lot more rain.  This will prove if I have cured the flooding issue, or if I need more work on the project from the outside ( gravel, drainage pipe, shovel).  I plan to do those things anyway, just haven't had time or energy to address at the moment. 

Journey is not very happy with the $250 dollar upgrade in her living quarters.  She looks at her $50 stall toy/ lick-it (peppermint) like it is a pain to her.  She neither plays with it, nor does she lick-it.   So it will likely get moved to Phebes stall, as she will eat ANYTHING not nailed down, and sometimes those too as the teeth marks in things attest to.  This morning Journey pulled most of her hay from her rack and made a big pile in the floor.  Did not eat it, just made the pile.  Then she jerked her other flavor hay bag off the ring, undoing the clip somehow, and tossed it out the door. She is totally rebelling on the eating of hay since the world became green.  So I threw her out in the mud, and rain, to roll and make herself nasty, and go eat some grass.
On my side of things, I'm thinking about total self-employment.  Not sure what form that might take, but I really want to work from home.  I don't need to earn a lot of money as I'm pretty frugal, and definitely not a high maintenance female.  Honestly I like my current job, but I have no life outside of it, and that does not appeal to me.  Part-time is not something they offer unfortunately.  I have a few more home projects I need to get out of the way, and will probably take the leap.  Definitely need change by winter.  This past winter was just horrible with me leaving at dark, coming home at dark, no power or water at the barn and dealing with all that in the dark.  I have not ridden my horse since spring 2016 (yes, 2016) .  Money does not equate happiness in my life, but freedom does.  I do have financial obligations so what ever I do have to assure I'm exceeding those, but that's about it.  I have a few ideas...we shall see.

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  1. Yep, a total muddy mess here too, and my horse is also ignoring hay and just waiting for trips out to the grass (altho he doesn't get much).

    You MUST go self-employed if you possibly can! I did it years ago and man, what a joy. Once we paid the house off, I figured out that I have to average 2.5 hrs of work a day, so 12.5 hours a week. That pays the bills, gives me enough to play with without alot extra. The joy and peace of working at home is worth so much more than the drop of some $25,000 a year from my last fulltime job. Amazing what you can "live" on happily. Figuring out taxes is the only headache, but figure it out once and that's it!