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April 9, 2017

And in the real world

In other news, it is actually spring here in Indiana. Back to mowing, trying to titer horses safely onto grass (last year was a train wreck of epic proportions).  The truck is leaking oil even though we had new gaskets and such put on it  AND while unloading hay my foot pushed part way through the rusted bucket of bolts bed which could have been really bad for me.  It would of flat ripped me up if the hole would have given a bit larger.  LSEGH hooked up the truck to trailer today trying to get to the bottom of the rear wheel lock up on the truck that I experienced last year.   We contacted the trailer place and he said that what is described as having happened is not the controller NO WAY, NO HOW.   A couple of mechanics chimed in.  One thinks the rear brakes are rusting and kind of locking, but since it only happens with the trailer on board I don't buy that.  But our hay guy said that some of these trucks have a part that engages both wheels when making a turn so you have positive traction both sides, and if that part (I have no idea) gets hinky, then this can happen.

On the personal side I'm wanting to buy myself a truck, but have to get the finished paying for and have some testing done on myself.  Have been sick for two years now, and let me tell you it is tough trying to work long hours when you feel either pain, or have nausea.   Pretty sure it is ulcers as I internalize and stress over things in my life that I have no control over.  It is an emotional fault and I've tried to change myself "to not care." However that has just not worked out for me EVER.  So the expense of seeing a specialist and have a scope shoved up / down every available orifice is going to be a set back to the timeline on a truck as my deductible is pretty painful.

I'm really seriously thinking about selling my goose neck.  Since I'm not endurance riding, I just don't see the point in dragging that big old thing along anymore.  A nice small bumper pull with some stabilizers on it would rock and allow me some better gas mileage.  If I can get all these "wants" sorted out I'd like a good strong year of some CMO riding.  Would love to put together a local team, to hit the Indiana rides.  But first we have to get road worthy again.   The bad thing is I FOUND THE TRUCK.  It was the truck model and year I wanted, low mileage, and within budget (if car was paid for).  Of course by the time I manage that...the truck will have gone bye-bye.  LSEGH doesn't want me to risk the double payments until we find out what the crud is wrong with me.  Why must men be sensible?  Since the job I work has no benefits.

Stiff upper lip and all that.  ~E.G.
Dancing tulips Acrylic 2017  It actually wasn't finished in this photo, but the finished one is hanging in my Mom's house ♥

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