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March 31, 2017

Waiting is over!

Woot!!!  We got our permit today (FINALLY!!!) The Versailles State Park location is ours and the Two Horse Tango will be held there on June 10 and 11th .  Ground zero is the horse camp. Don't let me kid you, Marti is the "brains" of this event.  But she has definitely been around the CMO block for a lot longer than I've even known it existed.  But there is one thing that I do well...and that is give out prizes! This ride will have its own little treasure trove of great (albeit low cost) prizes.  We will have everything from a super dooper tack item drawing (sponsored by Two Horse Tack), t-shirts for a lucky few, and all manner of thing- a- ma- bobs at the Tango turnpike (prize table).

  • We will have both short and long course available both days.  Long course will run about 13-14 miles, short approximately 5-8 miles.
  • Bring the tools you need, solid horse,  compass and a good ink pen.
  • Saturday evening we will have a pitch-in meal together, and announce the placings of the day's events.
  • Those coming for the day, please park in the day parking area and mosey on over in the morning for the ride meeting and the competition.  Those needing a tie up spot are welcome to tie up at my site.
If things get tight camping-wise we are working on "alternatives" with the DNR to get you in.  So if you determine the sites are all taken, get a message to me on facebook and we will be putting together a list to see if we can get some over-flow primitive camping for the weekend.  Stay tuned....

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