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January 12, 2017

Worries and making progress

Hubby's two surgeries are now in the history books.  He is doing well, going to therapy to build strength and doing well all things considered.  So the most of that worry is set aside and we just have to get him stronger.  Hoping he can return to work after twelve weeks off.

I continue to have serious stomach issues.   Have a history of ulcers and pretty darned sure I might have me a doozy.  The past year has just been so tumultuous.   Actually the last two years.   My Mom was treated radically for cancer.  Surgical side effects.  My brother had emergency quadruple bypass surgery, my first great grandchild died, determined that I have a corneal disease that seriously effects my speediness on the computer, my job was putting so much pressure on me concerning one single task (didn't matter that I worked constantly on the other tasks effectively) that I just couldn't take it anymore and quit the job (bye bye vacation hours and benefits), found a new job and it is a very high stress job (customer complaint resolution on the phone) (big complaints)  (did I say BIG complaints?).   Training for a part=time job to go with it currently (this one I will like) but still the learning curve.  So when the smoke settles I have to find out the deal with my stomach.  I've been on meds for two years and still getting gradually worse.  Wake up off and on all night so no good solid sleep due to the pain of it.   But most of those things are behind me.  Hoping the part-time job gives me enough hours that I can look for another part time job, and get back to my de-stressing (a.k.a. riding my horse in the woods and enjoying the stillness).  Hoping, hoping♥


  1. Wow, Jacke, sorry to hear. Wishing you the best. Hoping that maybe we can finally hook up again at a CMO this year. I haven't been in one in a couple years either.

  2. I was wondering how you've been surviving. Thanks for the update. Wishing you well and hoping for the best for you. You deserve it.

    Peace and happiness with many trails.