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January 26, 2017

Ride Manager

It looks like I'm going to co-manage a CMO ride!  That will be really a huge learning experience for me and may help me to build the CMO horse network in this part of the state.  Honestly I'm kind of relieved that I have this other horse passion to fall back upon.  Maybe I'm mellowing out (yeah, right) but I want to more enjoy my horse.  I know the endurance sport was stressing her, and that stresses me.   What ever the Spotted Wonder does, I want her happy at the end of the day.  Far as I'm concerned she has proven all that needs proven for me.

 Two Horse Tack is going to work with me on this.  This company has helped me in so many of my goals.  They tacked Journey up early on in bright orange, and later green.  They supported Green Bean in a big way.  And the biggest thing is they trusted me.   Speaking of, they have their winter give-a-way drawing, be sure to sign up.  It is for a bitless bridle in the lighter shade of blue (I call it electric blue ).   The link in this paragraph or the photo on the sidebar will get you there to sign up.

The plan is to have the ride in the late Fall.  I have to get in touch with the park manager and see how / if I can work it all out.   My NACMO membership is in the mail, and this project will free me up to just "enjoy" the horses for a change.  Neither have been ridden for a long time.  Journey has been idle for months and Phebes again idle for a year or more.  Both of the lameness issues appear to have cleared up.  Work will prove or disprove that.  But let me tell you the idea of spring grass  gives me anxiety.  Have the horses on all forage presently with no concentrated feeds, and expect they can maintain on that as pleasure horses.  If the grass doesn't set things off.

That is the news on this front.  If you are local (OHIO, KY, INDIANA) come join me this FALL for the first annual Two Horse Shimmy at Versailles, IN.  I give the details out here as I work it out!

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  1. Be sure to put up a plate that says "keep looking" cuz people love that. *lol*