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January 15, 2017

Now that we have a challenge concerning mentors...where do you find one?

Check out AERC's mentor list.  The people on this list have volunteered to give useful advice and answer questions concerning getting started.  You may already know someone who has been riding successfully that is not on the list.   If their riding style aligns with yours and they've had 500-1000 successful competition miles and their riding style is conservative, then go for it.  More than one way to skin a cat!  Do remember that the first year of endurance riding should be done on the slow side ( it takes that long to build up your horse mechanically to the stresses of competition).

Remember on our agenda there are two great give aways going on.

AERC VOLUNTEER CHALLENGE : Open to all AERC members who volunteer.
Volunteer a day = 1 entry into the drawing   Volunteer two days = 2 entries into the drawing etc.

Two Horse Tack / Green Bean Endurance Grow the Green Bean Garden Challenge: Open to membered AERC/ GBEC riders.

Rules and such are outlined farther down on the blog announcing the challenges.

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