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December 31, 2016

Trying to decide what I'll do with this coming year

Due to a long bout of laminitis Journey hasn't hit a lick in many months.    Things have turned around and her hoof walls are losing the flair, and she is moving sound for the first time in many months.  The kicker is---I don't know for sure what set her off.   All three of our horses went laminitic like dominoes this year.  The farrier who takes care of Journey's hooves now said he saw a big uptick in the following with his client's horses last spring:

Overall body pain (like every joint, muscle, and fiber hurt).

It is one of three things but God only knows which.  The grass had incredibly high sugar for some reason on fields they have never had issue with before,  the Low NSC concentrate feed I have them on is possibly not quality controlled enough and from bag to bag maybe those carbs aren't stable,  or it is something viral.  Phebes was the first, and the worst of the three, a few weeks later big Cree, and a few weeks from that Journey and it got pretty scary bad.  At that time I took the girls off the concentrate feeds and started giving them a pelleted grass plus hay.  It took months to turn things around.  Cree is 20 years old, he has metabolic issues, and is very hard to keep sound, and even harder to keep weight on.  Feed him too much, he will flare up.  Get that under control and he drops weight. He was the last one I pulled off the bagged feed.  He had been doing great (eating that) and I got a new bag from the feed store and fed him as usual in the evening, next morning he could barely walk.  The only change was that new bag of feed.  So now we are trying to rehab him (again), my husband is rehabbing too after two major surgeries, and my little brain feels like a squeezed out sponge!

I would truly love to do some CMO in 2017.  The people are so very nice and I feel much less stress at that adventure as I don't fret over my horse's welfare so much.  Don't get me wrong, CMO can be  as demanding as a very fast paced LD.  It is in all honestly the fastest I've ever churned down a trail, ever.  But on my own, solo, we don't get up too much of a head of steam.  Just enjoy the trail...find the plates, don't get lost (yeah that is the big one), and come back and chill.  The CMO crowd I get to hang with now and then are so welcoming.  It has come to my attention that there may be a CMO at Versailles State Park this year.  If so I want to treat myself to that one.  Will have to see how Journey moves under saddle this spring.

A potential shot at a part-time job has come my way.  It looks promising.  Not sure I'm going to stay at my full-time gig at the financial institution.  So I will be looking for another part-time something, and see if I can balance my life in ways that make me happy.

The long suffering endurance granny husband (LSEGH) is doing well considering all he's been through over the past eight weeks.  He has been holding down the fort at home with Bella Boopster.

I have continued to paint a little.  I vacillate between something pretty darn good and complete and utter disasters, but it does help me pass the time of being shut in all winter.
Funky Roses, acrylic, channeling some VVG but not doing it well LOL.

Blue Daisies  painted from a "painting with Jane "tutorial above and I call the one below a Jacke Van Gogh ...but I have to admit he's a better painter ♥
Blue birds on a fence this one an Angela Anderson tutorial.

This one could be called Self-Portrait, but I'd be lying.  A painting with Jane tutorial and I really like this one, it resonates with me in all kinds of ways.

The owl was an Art Sherpa tutorial, which I painted for my daughter, and the rather strange cat went to a person I treasure in in a cute frame in lieu of Christmas card this year.


  1. Love the blog! :) Lots of neat info for a future green bean rider, hopefully :) What is a CMO, though? :)

  2. Thank you for visiting Cait! Though AERC endurance riding is my first love, I like to dabble in CMO when I can. CMO is Competitive Mounted Orienteering. It is a sanctioned activity of NACMO the National Association for Competitive Mounted Orienteering. The jist of things is you are given a compass, a map with clues, and you set out to find markers using your wits and navigation tools. It is very challenging and fun. You can compete in the Individual category, or form a team (which is really exciting), or you can just show up for the day as a day rider and play. I've had the opportunity to do a few of these, and to follow a National Team on their run for the National final ride (that was the fast one OMG!!!). My experience has been that it is very welcoming, low cost (entry fees maybe $15-ish?) CMO's serve as great conditioning rides to gear your horse up for LD, just trot a bunch (you've conditioned all the while playing CMO). The website over there is not playing nice this morning, but you can find the CMO link under favorite links up top on this blog.

    If you are coming into endurance riding new, we'd just L♥VE to have you join the Green Bean Endurance Challenge as a team rider, or individual. We are a group of rabid newbies that support one another in our goals to become full fledged AERC riders, taking a practical and do-able at your own pace sort mind set. Be sure and look at the Registration is open post which links you to both green bean endurance's website, as well as the hub of activity which is the facebook page. Even if you don't wish to "join" the challenge, as a new rider we welcome you to our page, so please ask to join the page. Good luck on all your goals ☺ ~E.G.