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October 18, 2016

Who will you vote for? DAL

I spent my lunch hour today gathering up the names of folks running for the seven possible openings for DAL with AERC.   Have henceforth made it my mission to contact all whom are running and find out where they stand on a few issues near and dear to me.

So far I have contacted nine, have answers from three, and waiting on six.    Of the three one is a slam dunk  no doubt I will support them, and two probably keepers (depending on outcomes of the total group).  Which leaves me four to figure out from the rest.  A few running I have no question where they stand in the mix of what is most important to me, and have already  ruled them out and don't have to worry about the battery depletion of my buzzing old phone waiting for a response.  ☺    I encourage you to ask your questions, and to care about the answers you get.

And on that happy note:  JOURNEY FOR PRESIDENT


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