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October 23, 2016

Contacting the Candidates

Last week I made it my task to contact as many of the candidates for Director at Large as I could find contact info for.   A few I did not bother as their views on a couple of issues important to me are well known, so no need.   But I did contact a good number of people and posed just a few questions (all the same questions) to them.

How will you build and maintain membership?

Are you for or against stand alone LD's?

Do you feel that how things presently are with AERC is "good enough" or if you have a vision for change...what is that vision?

What is your position on AERC being involved with FEI/the international scene?

At this point I know two I will vote for, one maybe, one nope!  Still have one in the wings going to respond and a big old bunch of non-responders.

We should have the ballots rolling in pretty soon, which should have a statement from each person running.  Hoping that will help me out a bit.

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