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September 16, 2016

I have been absent and unaccounted for...

I finally hit critical mass with the lack of respect at my workplace.   Decided that I was worth "more than that" at least in a spiritual sense.  So there was the scramble for a new job, which I landed without too much effort on my part.  It is a big change in the hours though, and my horse happiness just had to be set aside at least temporarily until I find "the job" that fits my life again.  So endurance riding, in fact...riding at all is on hold.   I have a lot of rather scary upcoming events involving my spouse, and just a lot of uncertainty in regard to my immediate future.   The current plan is to amass all the $ I can between now and his surgery just in case I need to hang it up, and assist at home for awhile.  Whoever dubbed after 50 as the golden years had rocks in their head!   More like every day becomes a crap shoot, or spin the bottle let's kiss a big toad.  But at some point, things have to swing back and point in the right direction.  Right?   Right.

The job also sidelined my great progress towards a C25K plan.   I made it half-way a soft tissue injury to my calf, and the job the next day.   But I have to say I hated running and absolutely loved running.  It was excruciatingly hard for me, but really helped me push out my internal angst in a healthy way, and a nice little bump in energy after the initial exhaustion wore off.  So I'm not canning it, just waiting to get on line with it again.  When the calf feels solid, we will back track and go again. 

Do have plans to attend Rendezvous and give out some fun stuff to some of the Green Beans who show up for the ride.   Will be pooling names of riders, crew, and volunteers for a drawing with some decent little prizes.  Some donated, and some gathered by me over the course of the summer.  It is a great group of people, it really is.   Just want the chance to let them know they matter, are welcome into the sport, and appreciated.

Then on to winter and hopefully a great recovery for LSEGH.  That is the priority♥

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