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June 20, 2016

Product Review Roma Fetlock Boots

We've had this intermittent interference issue on her inside fetlock.  The old brushing boots I was using would turn and she'd get scraped up.  So the search was on for a set of fetlock boots.

This set was purchased from Horse Lovers from E-Bay.  $31.95 plus shipping.   When I received them I was a little dubious, they looked big and kind of hard.   The wrap itself is a perforated neoprene, and a firmer neoprene that cups over the inner fetlock. After some squishing and shaping they wrapped her fetlock very well and they did not turn.  They have a double velcro fastener. She came in after a pretty wild gallop (whole 'nother story) no rubs, no abrasions, firmly still in position.   So I'd say this was a good purchase and I'd order them again.  (These were a gift from LSEGH)♥

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