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March 12, 2016

The Spotted Wonder is back in training

We are setting our compass for a run at Indy in about eight weeks.  The pony needs work and she is really full of herself.  For the first time I am actually thinking about putting the hoof boots away and calling a farrier.  LSEGH is still holding out for boots, but I'm just tired of getting to a ride, stopping in the middle of things, loosing a boot, retrieving a boot, slathering around in the mud with a mare who wants to go and trying to get it on again.  By all appearances her rennies fit.  But we've has some strange stuff go down with those, and twice the boot has flipped up ending upside down, around her pastern, hanging by those wire cables.   The only way to get them off in this case is to have wire cutters, and nip the cable.  Boot done.  She can wear a glove, they stay on reasonably well, but she interferes badly on the hind.  Her hoof action in the back is so close to the opposing leg, that if things get sloppy or she gets tired, it is straight downhill.  Bloody scrapes, bruising, puffy pasterns.  Front hooves?  They are great.  We probably have fifteen boots, all usable, but not problem free.  Not sure if I will try glue on boots, or just throw it all out the window and call a farrier.

We live on about twenty-four acres and adjoin trails on private property as well.  Currently I'm hanging with staying on our place as I'm working with a barn sour relapse.  The closer to home I am, the more of a pill she can be.  So we aren't venturing out much over a quarter of a mile, but I have to say she is getting a major workout (wasting a lot of energy) doing laps around trees, and roll backs when she breaks pace.  Yesterday we had a particularly bad day.  She was worked up, and after the second hour of turning to home and having to shut things down, I must say I was past the point of "enjoying" our venture into the woods.  The thing about Journey is she does not quit.  It is the best thing about her and also the worst!   It is the thing that gives her at least some potential as a distance horse, while likewise giving me those head to desk moments.     She was put out with me when we got home and I was rather not thrilled with Miss Spots.  We both held onto our union cards and went our separate ways.   Today I round penned her prior to going out, had a few issues out in the wood with her wanting to turn to home and speed up.  We eventually got the job done and she came home at a sane rate of speed...though still not a relaxed walk, so then we went back to round pen again.  She was pretty pliable after some laps and reversals in there .  

My favorite saddle is about to the end of its rope.  I've put about 7000 trail (and some endurance) miles on that saddle.  It is still solid as a rock, but the skirting has seen better days.   I'm hoping maybe during the worst months of winter next perhaps I can send it off for a facelift at Crestridge Saddlery.   I'd love to have my make of saddle in their light version eventually.   Will have to weigh cost vs. cost vs. benefit vs. available $. 

We've worn through our codura and need a retread!  But you have to admit that as many miles as I've put on this saddle it has surely hung in there.  Hoping I can make it through without duct tape ☺

 The vet wrap where I sawed off the horn is a nice touch don't you think? Long may she live!

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