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February 21, 2016

Epic Google Disaster

I thought I had lost permanent access to Endurance Granny today.  A family member inadvertently (how???) attached an email that was not mine (or her's) to my Google account.  I had to abandon the email I've always used as Google no longer recognizes it as being attached to my blog, my sign in, my ANYTHING.   It took my husband and I (mostly him) two full long days to try and figure out a fix which involved creating a new Google account, restoring at least partially the old one that was not mine but was attached to my password.   Have no idea how what happened is even actually possible.  She sat down to sign into her gmail account, and it all cascaded from there.   Don't believe I will "share" my computer ever again, and feel like I've lost an old friend...jackereynolds@yahoo has been my email addy for twenty years.  I still have it, but it is not connected to anything related to my blogs, google drive, it is like the loss of a friendship of sorts.  Sounds silly I know.  But I see greenbeancodirector now when I sign in....I used to see "me."     So now I must see if there is a way to forward all my gmail to yahoo. And accept that things are pretty convoluted... Fun times.

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