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February 27, 2016

Cardiac Scores & Acrylics

Today turned out to be one of those good unexpected days.  I've had some health issues since last summer, and finally bit the bullet and had a cardiac scan.  My family has some bad joo-joo in that regard.  My brother had bypass surgery last year, my Mom has had it, and I have not felt entirely "well" since I wilted at the last ride I attended in the early summer.  It basically goes like this, get my head below my chest, short of breath, light-headed, weak, nausea.  More or less in that order.  So....I thought before I hit the trail this year I'd better get the heart thing checked.   I went for it on Wednesday and thought all week long that I was dreading the result as a good bunch of my family are walking around on blood thinners, stented up to the wazoo.  A cardiac risk score of less than 100 means you are good to go, over 200 you best be paying attention, and 300 you get to visit a cardiologist.   So pending that outcome I did things to relax me...I like to paint, but my stuff is a little weird for most people's taste, and I just "wing it" and do what makes me happy in the moment.

Twisted Tree 2016 (Acrylic)

Mr. Crow 2016 Acrylic
Like I said, quirky.  But it makes me happy.   Twisted Tree has already found a happy home which made me feel very blessed.  Not sure where Mr. Crow will end up, but for now he's propped against the sewing machine ☺  The process occupied my mind and kept it off the worry of the outcome of the scan.

So the mail ran today, and LSEGH hovered nearby while I ripped the envelope open that held my test results.  The score was 0.  My estimated coronary age is 35.   That is an amazingly good score since I'm well on the downward slide towards 60!   But, I still feel like crap.  The scan did likely determine the problem.  I have a hiatal hernia that is pressing up into my chest cavity and granulated scarring of the lower esophagus which is probably why when I lie in bed to sleep I have pain in my upper abdomen.  So when I'm picking out a hoof, or taking boots on and off, my stomach slips up through the diaphram pressing up into my chest cavity  and probably the culprit of why I can't do those things AND breathe at the same time.   But even so, it beats what I was expecting.   So my old lard butt needs to get out, resume exercise and get some fat off which makes the thing worse.     

Two Horse Tack partnered up with Green Bean and we were able to get a boat load of hybrid logo tee's at cost.  Mine is olive green and lime☺   I also received the prototype for the tack we are bringing online for Green Bean.

It's pretty sharp!
The prototype bridle and breast collar for our Official Green Bean Tack line that will be offered in the future.


  1. Congratulations on the great heart score!!! I really like the logo for the Green Bean/Two Horse Tack. Where does a person get to buy one of those t-shirts? I ride endurance vicariously through you. Since I am slipping closer to 70 than 60, I think it's probably a little late to start that training, but I am getting more serious about competitive trail - sending one of my horses for more extensive/advanced training in March. We live in the perfect area for that type of riding; just need to make the time for the actual rides, since they fall during our busiest work times here at the lodge.

    Lots of luck this season.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  2. Here is the link for the blended logo tee shirts. Two horse is letting us have them at cost to promote endurance riding across the country.

    I always wanted to try more CTR but none are available here anymore. My first distance ride ever was a 25 mile CTR on my 18 year old arabian mare. She placed second, I was so proud of Puddin'. Wishing you much luck in this regard. If you dream it, do it.

  3. Glad to hear your heart is good! And love your CROW paintings!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond