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January 25, 2016

Contemplation of my physical limitations...

My last ride in 2015 I attempted in the heat.  I was halfway through the 50, drenched from head to toe in sweat, dizzy, my coordination was shot,  and going back out that day was just not do-able for me.  I've been there too many times and know when I am tipping over over the edge and just how ugly it is to fall into that particular crevasse.    Heart arrhythmia,   vomiting (sorry), collapse.  Been there and done that.   Life sort of got in my way after that and truth be told The Spotted Wonder hasn't been saddled for a ride in months.   So I know if I want to enjoy any rides this year I have to get the fat off of her and the condition back on (AGAIN), and figure out how to have a decent year without killing myself in the process.


There you have it.    I'm hoping the May and June rides will be tolerable as far as heat goes, and maybe I can do some volunteering,  or just cheer on the BEANS until the fall rides in October.   I have a pretty decent little TEAM put together this year and with some go-getter newbies.   If nothing else I can wave pom-poms and cheer at my crew.    But I'll tell you, I hope nothing prevents my endurance fun this season.  I'm needing it something bad.  It has felt like a big old hole of emptiness since last I got to point my mare down some muddy trail.  

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