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November 22, 2015

How well do you know me.

It is perplexing to me sometimes that people in far flung places decide certain things about me, have unflattering or at the very least odd presumptions about me, my horse, my personality, my life.  It is just "odd."   I try hard not to have painted a perception of anyone I have yet to spend time with.  So today just for the sake of questioning minds, I'm gonna lay it out.


Now a truer statement cannot be made.  I like coconut cream pie, banana cream pie,pumpkin pie, apple pie, peach pie, chocolate pie, raspberry pie, cherry pie, oh---and custard.   If you "think" this isn't true, you need only check my cabinets for deep dish pie pans, and my freezer for Marie Callender's Razzleberry pie to which I have a particular weakness, however I bake the others for myself.  If you need further evidence of my passion for pie, well, you only need lay eyes on me.  Pie is my sickness.

I Do Not Like Wine, Beer, or Bourbon

I used to like wine-coolers, but now it is the pie thing.  It is for certain that I wore smaller clothes before pie, but there you go, I'm thinking about pie.  Again.


Folks who do not know me are inclined to believe I am stuck up.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Fact is, I am highly uncomfortable in certain social settings.  Happier holed up somewhere doing my solitary thing.  However, that does not mean I do not like people.  I in fact love people, I just love them in small doses.  I love them as an observer more than an inter-acter.  Especially funny people who make me laugh.  Not at them, with them.  Funny people are the best thing on this earth (except maybe pie).

I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE (Nor do I want to learn your politics)

Mostly, no completely -- I don't want to hear about it.  It is none of my business.  No interest in talking about mine.  That. Is. All.

My politics are conservative.  You won't change my mind.  So let's talk about common ground, such as horses.   I can like you even if you do not hold my views.  Doubtful we'd enter into a marriage contract but I'm not in the market anyway.

My Attention Span is Akin to a Gnat (a distracted gnat)

Easily bored, easily distracted, mind running about 500 miles an hour, cannot concentrate on more than a thing at a time, and that thing needs to be entertaining it will not hold me.  Maybe that is why LSEGH has lasted 24 years (last month) in our relationship.  He has been highly entertaining...let me tell you the lobster trap story sometime, you will get the gist of it.

The  Plight of the Underdog Gets Me Wanting to Hunt

Ever since first grade (I skipped preschool...probably watching some squirrel jumping from tree to tree) it became "my" job to find the most down trodden individual in class and make them my bestie.  It was like a magnetic pull.   Don't know what it was about, but turned out every time I was gifted with an entirely interesting and engaging person to call my friend.   They weren't "permanent" friends, not because I didn't want them to be, but that introvert thing.  Sometimes there are justified causes to distance oneself from certain people or situation, but there is a group in all walks of life that feels they are superior, they cling like saran to one another, and they are mean.  Now days we call them a bully.  Wouldn't say I'm the queen of lost causes, but don't mind getting in the hunt for righteous ones.

There is that Empathic Thing

Many don't believe in that foo-foo.   But an empath I am, like it or not.  It came in useful as a child when my little person radar would go off signaling "danger danger danger" in regard to adults, and in my life now it causes me to tread carefully and rarely offer up my trust.  Not that there aren't things that get past me, but I can point out an anxious person, the scattered disconnected-ness of a schizophrenic, but I'm probably best at cloaked anger.   All of which probably has led to the introvert thing.

I Love Conversations About Weird Stuff Involving Human Consciousness, Paranormal, & other wonderful Weirdness.

The weirder it is, the more I find it fascinating. Thank God for You Tube. I seldom have to inflict my views on the unsuspecting stranger.

I Like to Train My Own Horses

Now a lot of good has come out of that, but a lot of sticking points have too.  I do like doing it though, for better or worse.  It has made me a better person.  Nothing as good as a horse to smack you right in the face with your human shortcomings.   They tell me, and I have to re-adjust my thinking, my attitude, my whatever.   Wish I could get one to canter on the circle on the correct lead, yeah---that would be bonus points ☺ Whatever.

I Love Horses, and dogs.

I...........might.........enjoy..........their company better than people's.  There! I said it out loud.  I won't apologize for it, it is just the truth.  Animals in general I like with the exception of cats, which I feel compelled to save when people dump them here, and feed them until they are too lazy to hunt mice, but no, I don't really like cats.   Chickens and ducks are really good producing eggs which make cream pies.  I long for ducks, but we are feeding 3 horses, 2 cats, and 1 dog.  


We started with food, may as well finish up with it.  I LOVE STEAK.  Tender, moist,  fatty, slightly charred on the edges.  I dip that morsel into red french salad dressing, pop it into my mouth and my eyes go rolling back in my head and I'd swoon, but damn! There is more steak on that plate. If I  "think" about steak I can't eat steak, because of that liking animals thing.  I get all icky with guilt.  Steak has to be steak.  It cannot be what it really is.  Maybe someday I can be a better person, and just stick with pie.

Now if the person who said "you have no substance" would just read this, she would see that I do indeed have substance,  it is called PIE and sometimes STEAK.  And it is good. ☺

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