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October 11, 2015

Sheepskin Leather Covers

Pulled my sheepskin leather covers from my saddle yesterday and brought them in to de-burr (note to self: do not ride in belly high burr patches).  What a mess!  My pad had burrs as well as the little velcro on thingy (technical term) that goes on the center of Journey's breast collar.   Some kind person tuned me in to the use of a wire dog grooming brush.  It worked pretty well, but the fact that I actually have one when I've never owned anything but short haired dogs rather mystifies me, but hey! Now it has a use ☺  Then into the washer with them, and I pulled them out and started fluffing the wool, and the wool started coming out in great ugly globs!  I flip them over to find that the sheepskin is actually pieced together from scraps!  the seam had give way so the wool started letting go along those edges.  These really are not very old and weren't cheap either!   So next time I get to shop, reckon I'm going to need sheepskin covers.  Figure some duct tape will hold these together for a little while.

Next I pulled out Journey's winter blanket to discover it had mildewed.  I washed it, but the mildew did not come out.  Apparently last I fold it up the thing was still damp and it had all summer to cook.

Have been changing out my leather leathers to biothane leathers.  Added nice orange stirrups to Journey's saddle.  I'm doing lots of stuff but unfortunately not riding until I know my Mom is mended.  She is doing well all things considered, so maybe just a few more weeks of keeping tabs on the weekends.

LSEGH and I celebrate twenty-four years of wedded bliss tomorrow...and I'm off to eat steak!

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