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October 31, 2015

M♥m is doing well.

She's pretty much healed up from surgery.  Smiling and putting along on her own at home again.  Baking cookies for her doctor!  It was a long hard summer and fall, but so worth it.  She is eighty-one years old, and amazingly tough and independent.  

So life is slowly getting back on track here.  My next chore is to "re-train" Journey.  She has been off for months, and it has brought out her evil twin...the one I came home with a few years ago.   Suddenly my leadership/partnership is down the tubes!   I'm just trying to decide if it is worth working on now, only to quit again for the snow/ice portion of winter only to have to do it all over again in spring?  Unfortunately is how she rolls.   And FAT?  OMG (applicable to both of us).

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