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October 31, 2015

Basic Black to Ba-da Bling ☺

Basic Black, saddle, pad, crupper, breast collar.

Did you know that TWO HORSE TACK offers individual tack items that you can add to your existing bridle, saddle to create a fun look at a bargain price?  

Take a look at how just a few bright pieces look so pretty!
Here was an existing bridle I had hanging in my tack room, a bright green "magic sponge" I had on hand.  Peeking out below that sheepskin are lime green leathers $25, bit hangers $16 on the seat, and my newest addition?  That high voltage brow band has iridescent crystals for $18 that sparkle in the light. For less than $60 I can switch out my color (who doesn't l♥ve fun tack?).

Their accessories include:
Cruppers (these are the absolute best!)

Besides a full line of regular bridles, side pulls, harness.

They will even bling out your dog!

Why do I like Two Horse Tack?

I like their gear.  I use their gear.  It is sturdy and I haven't had issues with the holes going bad like on some of my old tack.  The colors are pretty, it cleans up nicely, and the cost is well below other vendors.

They even have a demo program if you are not certain...

But even more so...they have been a solid supporter of Green Bean EnduranceThey have sponsored drawings to assist new riders in getting their gear together to get going in the sport.  I believe in supporting those who support us.

Thank you Two Horse Tack for your solid year of sponsorship.


  1. Is that your saddle? It's very pretty and the sheepskin looks like exactly what I want. Also I didn't realize you could rig a crupper like that, and I recently found a nice line of trail saddles with no crupper ring, but tons of rings everywhere else (a Deuber -

    But on that ring directly under your thigh as you go down steep hills? Ouch!