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September 25, 2015

I've had a couple of weeks to "digest" the turn of events

And have decided that Journey and I will continue on doing our little happy thing, and stay as far removed from the political side of anything endurance as we possibly can.   I shoot pretty straight.  Uphold my close associates, and don't sell out to elevate "myself."   My hope is that it will just become not worth pursuing, and we can continue along on our happy little green bean way.    So to that end, yes I'll be co-anchoring TEAMS in 2016,  and if interest is weighted to having it, I will direct an individual competition on the same point scale we use for TEAMS.   If I will ride next year will depend on how the big ORG decides to handle (or hands-off preferrably) things Green Bean.

Sign up for the 2016 season is at  and if the name is plagiarized (ie. stolen from the green bean movement at large) well---we will pick a new one and keep on truckin'!

The prize/award platform will change a little 2016.   We are cutting sign up fees in half, and all of the $ will come back to the riders in way of prize drawings, awards, and the website fee (which is a lofty $15-20 per year).  We are going to keep it kind of simple (but rewarding).     

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