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September 7, 2015

Full Blown Green Bean

There comes a time when a person just has to take a stand.  Here I sit on a Green Bean Committee of sorts and shouldn't a representative of the Greenest Beans in town stick out and nearly just glow green?   We're working on it!
Beautiful, supple, green leathers from Two Horse Tack.

Over the coming year we hope to work our way up to green bit hangers, a green crupper....a green sponge leash, a new black war bridle (Journey's black one has seen better days)  and we will positively glow on our first ride of 2016.   I have a ton of their stuff (seem to enjoy changing Journey's wardrobe, can't help it, if you ride slow may as well be pretty).

Check out the stitching on the leathers and the stainless steel roller buckle...
It's gonna be hard sliding the sheepskin over these pretty things.
Anyone know a good source for lime green sheep skin?
I know I said they are supple and soft, but really they are so supple, more so than the leather one's I'm currently using.   I'll have a hard time waiting to hang these on, but would like to get my set together to display in all its green glory first ☺

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