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August 31, 2015

And in my REAL life

The dreaded software was implemented in our office finally about two weeks ago.  TRAIN WRECK.  Tasks that use to take me a minute, now take five.   I can no longer run a report for people needing reminder calls for their appointments, have to look up each person manually...and phone them.  There is no longer a way to know if they have requested to NOT be called as we can't append a note so that it apparent in a visible way.   Our clinical staff have been unable to record their notes on clients and are having to enter them into a word document to be saved for posting at "a future" date.  The payments I personally enter have to be retrieved by IT as they don't show on the end day report. The payments I do take no longer generate a printable receipt and so they must be handwritten.   Medication refill calls that used to go to our nurse's direct voicemail for completion, we now enter manually on the computer, and send.  Said reports do not transfer to an alternative nurse if this one happens to be on PTO, sick, or giving birth.  Clients are antsy checking out, and frustrated by the long drawn out process for everything.  We have gone backwards at least a couple of decades... progress, I LOVE PROGRESS.  

My Mom's surgery took place on the 7th.  Some kind of estrogen sensitive tumor that grew aggressively for about four months (in which time she was in denial and would not have things addressed).  The surgery itself went alright, but the post op not so much.  She is on a blood thinner for a mechanical heart valve.  Hospital sent her home one day after surgery.  Three days later I note severe bruising under the skin, down her chest wall, and load her up for a trip to the hospital.  She was bleeding out under the incision site and had to have a third of her blood supply replaced.  This caused a massive hematoma, which then caused the entire surgical flap to necrose.  My brother and I are taking turns packing a wound 2-4 inches deep and at least eight inches long with gauze twice a day.  Because the hospital didn't keep her long enough to be sure that her ability to clot was restored.  The wound if it does not become infected will take months to heal.  Mom is exhausted and barely creeps along.  Insurance doesn't cover home care other than a stop in to draw blood or a quick check on her and out the door.  My brother takes care of her during the week, and I have been doing it on my days off work.  So my world has been like a revolving wheel of work and sleeplessness since the first week of August with no real end in sight.   I'd like to say or think there is a light at the end of the very long tunnel, but I'd be lying to myself.    So all I can do, is what I can do.

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