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July 26, 2015

Back to our conditioning for a FALL ride

Can I say, express, possibly how happy I am to be back on my horse?   Still hot and humid here in the Midwest, so we are just doing slow hill climbing and a little flat trotting.  Short sessions to soon build into long.  Journey is a good horse in that you can put her away for a month, or two, saddle up and go, like you did not miss a beat.  Phebes would need total re-training/ who vs. who leadership worked out before I could once more throw a saddle on.  Journey has just become "my" horse.   She has her moments like any other, but mostly she is willing and tries hard for me.  That is enough.

I'm still battling the stomach issues, especially in the morning as I have a hard time resisting my morning cup of coffee.   But I'd say I'm relatively on the upswing until bedtime anyway...still unable to lie on my back without significant abdominal pain.  Hoping to have it whipped before our ride mileage goes long, as riding on an empty stomach is an epic of misery.  Even so, things are improved over six weeks ago.   It has made me wonder if my illness at Top of the Rock was related to the stomach thing as much as the heat?   Taking better care of myself at rides will have to become more of a priority, as is riding my own ride.  I enjoy riding "with" others, but not if it means pacing faster than I'm comfortable with or Journey has trained. 

My Mom is to have major surgery in about two weeks.  The cancer appears to be extremely aggressive.  I'm trying to go where the winds will blow...not try to fix things as is my propensity to do.   Hoping to be strong through it, and to let go of the emotional fight, all the while knowing that once more the bedrock will shift beneath me.  It brings me sadness, but I'm trying to temper it with acceptance.  Mom is being very brave.

Hope all is well with those who follow my journey here.  Much love to you all.  Hug your family ♥

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