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June 7, 2015

A little bit less here---and a tiny bit more there

My blogging here on Endurance Granny will likely be more sporadic, and ride focused, with an update every now and then.  I'm wading boot deep into the Green Bean Team © competition, creation of a new web home for it,  and sponsorships and such.  It is all a fantastically good thing though.  The thing I love most in life is creative thought, being able to "give something" to others (even if it is a magical green sponge), and foster a sense of belonging to new riders (green beans) in the sport. 
And saying I finally found a place is pretty phenomenal!  We have moved the website (AGAIN) and given it a slightly new name.

The goals?  Foremost is TEAM competition.  Moving into 2016 we hope to increase the number of teams competing for The Green Bean Team championship.  The move to this blog based environment will allow us to keep the site free for reading purposes, and competition fees lower.   We are working on a streamlined competition venue for 2016.  Our prize structure will be changing...but we see it as all good.  So if you can't find me here, you will certainly find me there or  on our competition group page.

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