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May 21, 2015

Post Ride Diggery-do's and Other stuff

Lameness that you can pin point, feel under saddle, and know what to do about is one thing.  Not being able to define the point of origin is another.    So having Journey being post-ride lame was rather concerning.  I have probed, prodded, poked, and re-poked trying to find where she may have injured herself.  Nothing blips on her radar as being painful.  I have at this point decided I'm not going to figure it out.   Last I laid eyes on her Wednesday she was much improved.  Maybe a tiny bit off, or maybe of those things where you second guess yourself.      She will have a hoof trim over the weekend and I will see how she is moving out then.  We are supposed to go to Top of the Rock end of month.  Was hoping for a 50 there, but we will just have to see.  Rain is forecast, and if it is muddy I'm riding ONE DAY.  Period.

The conditions at Indy day 1 were spectacular.  Day 2 is another story.  About 2,200 feet of climb and then descent which for those out west seems like nothing. It was so slick she was pretty much bracing her hinds and sliding downhill, walking wasn't much of an option with legs going all crazy.  Let's just say I am not a big fan of mud+ hoof boots.   Journey also knocked a huge hole in one of her brushing boots, so she may have bruised that fetlock, though she didn't show sensitivity when I squeezed around on it.     She was very muscle sore in her motor, that is for sure.   I've not ridden since the weekend, thinking a full week of R and R is probably in her best interests.

The ride's pull, RO ratio was about 20%.   Kind of high, but again, it was a skating rink out there.

Lost two of my electronic devices last weekend.  My Polar heart rate monitor bit the dust,  as well as our digital camera.   I believe neither were impressed with the 100% humidity.


Other stuff:

Phebes is still lame.  Ever so slight, and we are continuing to work on getting her hoof balanced and the toes brought back all around.

Our "let's sell this place" and build another has come upon road block, after road block.   I had found "the" place next to the park where I ride.  Not on the trail head but plenty close enough to get to it.  I planned on looking at the property tomorrow as I had Indy to reckon with and work the rest of the week.  The place sold while I was at Indy.  So that was disappointing.  The only other land available is priced out of our budget, being way more acreage than we want or need.   We are still messing around with the bank on how to work this whole thing to our best interests.  Everything moving so slow...and I'd like to be out of here before winter. 

I am also job hunting.  Have an application out to a place closer to home, more hours,  easier drive to get to.  We'll see!

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