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April 27, 2015

Good news, bad news

Phebes had about six digital xrays today of her left fetlock, left knee, and both hooves.  The good news is she has beautiful nonarthritic joints, no chips, spurs, java, zip.  Thank you that will be $340.   No that is not the bad I watched Old Dominion swirl down the proverbial drain pipe.  The fault likely lies right on us, not being as diligent with her trimming cycle as we were when I had her in competition.  The toe needs to be worked back over a twelve week period, she toes in slightly so she wears her heels unevenly, and these things we used to pay close attention to, but have slacked on.  Time to tighten up and get with the program.

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  1. What a huge bummer! Grrrrrrr, I hate vet bills. May I offer two pieces of unsolicited advice? No hard feelings if you don't use them, I just want to offer the information.

    If you choose to start her on a joint supplement, remember it can't prevent problems, it can only help if any exist. If I'm not mistaken, cartilage doesn't show up on x-ray. I spent many, many dollars trying every supplement under the sun until I found one that relieved the discomfort in my QH's stifles. Acti-Flex Senior is a miracle worker,and it's blessedly inexpensive. A different one may work for your Phebes, but it wouldn't hurt to start there. Plus, it's not distasteful.

    Second, I highly recommend making the switch from using a farrier to finding a natural barefoot trimmer who comes every three or four weeks max. It's a world of difference, and you can still use Gloves or Renegades or whatever boots fit her. I know a lot of endurance riders swear by their farriers, and shoes, but the bare hoof is better by far for the hoof capsule, every joint above the hoof, traction, and overall health of the entire horse. If you Google natural barefoot trimmers in Indiana, a page of choices will come up. Your best bet is to find a trimmer who uses Pete Ramey's method. I've been there and done that, and the proof is in the pudding- barefoot is best.