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April 24, 2015

D-DAY is nearly here

Or should I say V-DAY (the day the vet comes with the digital x-ray).  My emotions are running kind of high in regard to that.  Will it be a game-ender for Phebes?  Will it be fixable but beyond my means?  Will it be a matter of a few injections and she will be good to go?  Will my horse budget be spent and I still have a broken horse? It is rather anxiety provoking.  If Phebes is no longer rideable could I still find her a good companion home?  Is that possible?  Lots of questions and right now no answers *deep breath*.    The biggest question of all CAN I GET HER TO HOLD STILL FOR THE VET?   She so dislikes the things that veterinarians do and she is a very intelligent horse, they don't fool her.  Say some prayers for my pretty girl that her barely determinable to the lay person hitch in her giddy-up can be easily treated on Monday.

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