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March 1, 2015

You Must Be Doing Something Right

I suppose I've found my tribe finally...Green Bean has given me a sense of purpose that I didn't have before.     But aside from the happy byproduct of inspiring others our little organization has surged happily forward in membership numbers.  A hundred and twenty-five on teams alone, and then the website presence.   New stuff on the agenda includes a sort of free-cyle forum where members can swap, or give away unwanted tack items to new aspiring members.  Our ask a mentor is still a work in progress and we have come to terms on the format for that finally.  All good stuff ☺

The positive affirmations continue to support our movement.  We've had some very positive feedback from people that matter (the upper echelon of endurance one might say).  I hope we are doing good work...I am pretty sure we are.  But the affirmation from others makes me feel that we are making a difference out there.  I'm so happy I've been invited to go along for the ride.


On the home front...

Riding is on hiatus once again.  About eight inches of crusty snow out there and my horse trailer is mired in, not that I could get down the service road and up that giant hill to the horse trails anyway.  The DNR does not plow and make ready those horse trails in the winter time. My home trails are ver steep hills, not going sledding on The Spotted Wonder.

 But today is March 1st.  Hoping (really, really) to outlive another Indiana winter.  Then I will be taking somewhat a break from the group and focusing my energy on riding.  I will be glad to leave the unhallowed halls of FACEBOOK for something real and meaningful like sweat and horse hair.  Yes I will!

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