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March 20, 2015

Locked and loaded for the first rides of the season!

No the horses aren't ready but the Green Bean swag is!  I received my magnetic sign today, cards to hand out, 50 and LD magnets for first timers, fluorescent green tail ribbons, all that is left are the brochures to print out, then I'm good to go.  The Green Machine is hold 1st in our division, I'm a little bit ....scared when the boot drops my way to garner miles, hope I don't let the team down!

Phebes and Journey are both being conditioned as weather permits.  Will be so glad when Lida is back and we can shoot for 10 mile plus instead of the short make-do stuff I'm having to squeeze in just to keep Phebes wiggling.  Next weekend Phebes is going to a 101 clinic with Lida, Journey and I are camping but not attending.  I plan to boot her and head out for some trail riding though, and perhaps meet and greet some of the newbies in attendance.

Come on SPRING!

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