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February 19, 2015

Why we need to do better in our sport

"Goodbye Endurance world, I may come back in a few years. The way things are going right now I have no interest to participate. There are a few good people in the sport, but too many are rude, and downright mean. I will not give my money to an organization that allows that kind of behavior to continue. Thank you to the few people that were awesome."

This quote of the day I will leave as anonymous.  This is the third such in as many days.  I figure for every one that actually speaks out, probably ten just quietly roll their horse trailer somewhere else.   It saddens me.  It makes me ashamed of certain people in the sport that think they own it.  You do not own it.  You are only a part of it.  The negative part.  The part that is reducing ride numbers instead of growing them.  What are you so afraid of that you seek to repel the very people that keep the rides going?  Is it competition that you are afraid of? Is it change? Is it a quaking of (GOD FORBID) the status quo?  What is equally sad is that some of the best, the very best...are afraid to open their mouth because they too would paint a target on their back for saying what is true.  I'll say it for them, there is an underbelly of meanness within our sport.  You know who you are, as you delight in it.  The majority needs to turn their backs on these people.  If the sport is to remain viable after the current generation dies out...and it will...Our positive element needs to latch on to these new people and treat them like the important people they are (the future).  


noun sports·man·ship \-ˌship\
: fair play, respect for opponents, and polite behavior by someone who is competing in a sport or other competition

I believe we "do" have a rule for that...Climbing off my soap box for the day...


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  1. I have noticed the FB pages and been subjected myself.. I am no longer a member, mostly because I haven't been competing..I had planned to renew next year.. but seeing some of the posts have really made me pause . I don't understand the attitudes and down right meanness.. doesn't make alot of sense.