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January 3, 2015

What is on my camping/endurance menu?

Ick! Ick! Ick!   The mere mention of food can make my guts gnarl up at ride camp.  But if there is one thing you have to do at an endurance ride (besides drink and electrolyte) it is eat.

Of course food choices are a very individual thing.  Some people actually "cook" *gasp* at a ride.   I am not one of those people.  Operating out of an iced down cooler and a grocery sack calls for some different kind of food choices.  Simple to prepare kind of  food choices.

So I thought I'd share some of the mainstays on my dietary menu at a ride and my rationalizations for them.  Indeed I do think about the menu.

  • Carnation Instant Breakfast
  • Banana
  • Starbucks Frappacino (bottled kind)
  • Half a peanut butter sandwich.
  • One boiled egg.
Carnation Instant Breakfast is cold, hydrates, has calories,  tastes pretty good, and goes down easy.   I find so many options unappetizing first thing in the morning that CIB is a standby.  I'm gonna buy it, and I'm gonna drink it.

Bananas have potassium (part of our electrolyte balance) they taste delicious, and are high carbohydrate.  If you haven't eaten anything else, maybe not the greatest choice, but as an addition to the above I feel a good choice to boost my early morning blood sugar.

Starbucks bottled Frapp again is wet, cold, and gives me a punch of caffeine that keeps people in ride camp from wanting to kill me.  I'm a self admitted coffee addict, but my camp is primitive so I don't really want to make coffee on a fire, or a camp stove.  One Starbucks is enough to keep me from getting the caffiene withdrawal headache.  That's my rationale and I'm sticking to it.

Peanut butter sandwich.  More carbs...some protein to balance out the carbs, and enough to fill me up.

A boiled egg.   I don't like them especially.  But the added protein helps me not have a blood sugar crash which I'm very prone to otherwise.  Breakfast is served.


Lunch will fall during one hold or other depending on the distance I'm riding.   If it is cold outside I like a thermos of hot soup.  If it is hot, I like chilled fruit cups, and a cold sandwich, chips, and electrolyte drink (gateraid, poweraid, or v-8) followed with water. 


On a cold day you just can't beat hot chili, vegetable soup, or tomato soup.  It goes down good, heats up your core, and is salty and wet.

On a hot day the chilled fruit slides down nice, again is full of fluid, and sugary goodness.  A sandwich usually consists of my homemade chicken salad on bun, some salty chips on the side, or a dill pickle.   I water down my electrolyte drinks as I don't like the concentrated version---too sugary.


Is usually served prior to the awards in my neck of the woods.  I take what they serve me, then go back to my trailer and dine of white corn chips and salsa, and promptly lie down and sleep like the dead.

So the menu boils down to what sounds good, and is easy to pull out of the cooler.   I'm not sure if I had a cook top if I'd change much, as I'm generally too busy to want to mess with cooking.

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