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January 12, 2015

If all goes well Phebes is going on loan...

The weather has shut me down a bit.   I continue working with Phebes when I can.   One of the goals this year is to attempt Phebes at LD in the slowest way possible.  So there is a lot to accomplish between now and May.  It is up in the air "who" will ride her on this endeavor.  If her head is screwed on straight by May she will possibly go on loan to Lida Pinkham.  If the first LD ride goes well, I will loan her for subsequent rides over the season.  Phebes only lacks 30 miles for her first 250 patch.

Journey I hope to point at 50's this season, but plan to start the season with back to back 30's as part of her conditioning.  Then move on up to 50's.   If Phebes can't handle the work of the first one (as in she has a tie-up episode) she will be permanently shelved from the sport.  She's had two years of rest, so if we are going to try, now's the time.  We changed her diet, she is supplemented with vitamin E and healthy fats, as well as daily sodium.    She just needs work.

So my goals continue to fluctuate...

Primary: As many miles as I can manage for The Green Machine, as many 50's as I can manage working towards her 250 patch in endurance, and maybe...maybe an end season 50 combined with an LD.

Secondary: Ease Phebes back into the sport as a back-up/loaner horse and possibly riding her as a day 2 horse when Lida doesn't need her.  But if Lida can handle her, I've agreed to loan her out three ultra slow rides. 

Tertiary:  Old Dominion 2016.   I only need about $400 more to secure the ride fees, and expenses for the OD.   I'm pretty sure that $1200 will get us there and back and our entry fee paid.    Once that is met, the rest of the savings will go into a second bucket towards preparatory rides (including this season).  Lida has volunteered to crew for me at OD ☺

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