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January 23, 2015

Finding Your Place in Endurance

Finding your place and fitting into a brand new sport can be difficult.  Especially for the more introverted among us.   If you are an aspiring endurance rider I encourage you to visit the Green Bean Facebook page.  Introduce yourself, become a member, freely ask questions, and make new connections.  Don't be shy!  Every person there was just starting out at some point and we have some great very experienced members who join in on the discussions on that forum.

*There are no stupid questions.
*Planning and conditioning is everything (learn how).
*Set yourself up for success.
*We have a fun network of "green" riders looking to connect with other riders of their own level for conditioning, team competition, and just for the fun and experience of it!

Here are some starting places:

AERC handbook is here.

Green Bean Endurance facebook page is here.

Find endurance 101 clinics here.

Join AERC here.

Find a mentor here.

Find the ride calendar for competitions and intro rides here. 

We want you in our sport and we welcome you to our sport!  Because we all know...

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