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November 16, 2014

Still dinking around on Phebes

We are trotting big circles now with a nice bend to her, and ears forward instead of flat!  I also dropped the electric gates today and took her solo towards the woods.  Cree and Journey were creating such a ruckus about her leaving that they even had the neighbor's horses racing along the fences.  She however, moved forward calmly, hesitating only a few times.   I let her stand and take things in and again asked for forward.  My goal was baby steps, to make it to the end of our logging road bordering the field calmly, let her nibble some grass, and then come home and trot some more laps/circles.  She did great.   I feared she would get rushy when I pointed her home (especially with all the galloping hooves and screaming and calling for her) but she didn't.  She stayed calm, even stopped an nibbled grass, her eye was soft, and she was just a good horse!

Journey is so full of spunk and stink I bet my first ride back on her will be very thrilling ...I need to clone myself.

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