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November 8, 2014

Quick little update

The bucket has reached 26% thanks to those who donated in exchange for greeting cards!  What next?  I haven't decided.   I'm leaning towards a card get the remainder moved on out.

Phebes is still coming along.  I've just been so busy with work, had a death within the extended family, and other stress to contend with.  Trying to keep myself centered has been foremost.  I just keep thinking...get me through the month of November.  Hate wishing my life away, but sometimes you know what's on your plate and it is too much!   I'm handling and riding or doing ground work with Phebes at least a couple times a week which I guess is better than nothing.  Journey is on hiatus.  Which is not good.  I'm wanting to teach Phebes to pony, but not sure how that will work out as Journey is very dominant over her, and can be downright mean to Phebes.  It will either work in my favor or blow me out of the stratosphere when I first attempt to pony.  My thoughts are to try it in the fenced front lot first...then based on how that goes decide when and if to take it "live" out onto the trail.  It is the only way I can think of to get them both moving.  I don't have a need for speed right now but Phebes could do with some hill climbing and descents.  She is very good at both, and it will work her mind, and her feet.   Maybe if weather holds I can give it a first try tomorrow up in the front lot.  Then follow up with saddling her up and trying to get those ear flattening issues worked out under saddle when I ask for the trot. I did ground work today and she did a great job, had her trotting laps and reversals over poles set into an arc.  She got a good little workout doing that.  She's lost some weight and would maybe get a condition score of 7.5-8.  We've further cut her ration, leaning more towards beet pulp and very little concentrate, plus some exercise.  It is helping.  I'd like to have her at good weight by spring.  Now Journey is getting chubby ...and she is usually a hard keeper.  I have too many horses.

So some things are on track, some are nearly off the tracks,  and I'm taking it a day at a time.

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