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November 9, 2014

Pony Lesson #1

It didn't go too terrible bad!  In fact it wasn't bad at all on Phebes part.  She was respectful to the long lead rope, came when prompted and moved away when cued with the rope.  I was very proud of her.  Journey on the other hand was a wildcard.  She did well leading at about 75% of the time and was giving Phebes nasty ugly faces the rest of the time.  We are not quite ready to go out of the fenced enclosure, but for the first attempt it went better than expected.  The most of Journey's problem is she is not quite a finished horse herself.  So I'm doing a lot of rein management as she has little to no regard of leg.  If she wasn't the boss horse, I'd just switch, ride Phebes and lead her, but expect she'd bite Phebes on the butt and I'd end up flat on the ground.  So we will work it how we are working it for now.  We go with her on the right circle and straight line quite well including turning to the right.  We are rather uncoordinated moving on a reverse circle so that will require some re-visitation.

Once that smooths out I'll drop the electric fence gate and pony Phebes out to our back field and in and out of our woods and up some small hills.  If that gets smoothed out, then we will take it off property.  Right now we are working just at the walk, but I hope to get us up to the trot after a few weeks of repetition, and then I'll be able to exercise both horses over the winter, which will jump start us towards spring.

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  1. I was actually wondering if either of your horses could be ponied.