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October 10, 2014

The Bucket List

I never have felt so far from a goal...though we are at about 16% since the close of the tack auction.  The plan is to just keep adding to the seed money, bit by bit, until the goal is reached.  However...I am having second thoughts on my goal.  Have not changed my mind necessarily, but I have been thinking that what I'd spend for that one single get us to Virginia, would pay for nearly a season of riding here closer to home.  So I am giving thought to which would be nearer to my heart.  A shot at the very technical ride at OD, or about a 6-7 ride season here.   I have until 2016 to ponder that I guess.  Maybe my solo (horseless) trip to OD next summer will cement in my mind how do-able the OD ride would be for us. Knowing one shot at it would be all I'll get... I'd like to see how some first time riders on the course handle it, and their feelings about trail markings in particular, and pacing.  How well Renegade hoof boots handle those chunky bolders strewn everywhere, and the fact that Journey is notoriously slow.  She has the potential to speed up, but not in hot humid conditions which OD nearly always is.  So I am not trying to talk myself out of it, I just want to leave the door open to all possibilities and step through the one that will bring me the most happiness.  I also have to see if I can even get ME through a hot humid ride.  If the answer to that is no...well then, decision made.  No sense worrying over it, just see if the door opens.  If it does, I'll step on through.  If the universe divines that I take some other direction, watch for a detour sign. ☺


Well---a door just opened wide enough to floor me.  WE HAVE A RIDE TO VIRGINIA for 2016!
This changes everything.  I can now just focus my attention on getting the financial end together, and preparation (and riding smart in the interim).    When I got the news I said, I think I'm going to cry...and then promptly did.   LSEGH says "don't be sad."  *LOL*   Men slay me.  

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  1. Congrats! I hope it all keeps coming together for you and Journey. I'm so excited for you :)