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October 15, 2014

So much happening on the OD project my head is spinning

First our ride came through...which was monumental.  My situation may possibly change between now and then, but it is good to have the transportation to/from pretty much covered.  So thank you Lida!

All kinds of small fund-raising projects going on.  I've basically attempted to take my cartoon revenue, and roll it into other projects to try and build enough revenue over the next eighteen months to fund the cause.  It is working in spits and spurts, but ....working.

For sale for the cause:  Packs of ten greeting cards, shipping included for $20.   The cards range from sweet to snarky, covering Christmas, Anniversary, and Birthdays, Get Well, and Life in general cards.  These are something that can be used all year, or make unique little gifts for your equestrian friends.     I have four sets left and they are Limited Edition.   Glossy 5X7 cards with envelopes.  When these sell out I will draw a new set.

Old Dominion Bucket List mug for a donation of $25.  The mug is super cute!

On the burner....I do make thinking of some projects along that line. Necklaces and bracelets, maybe when the snow starts flying.

Journey's previous owner is donating $100 to see her faithful steed tackle the BEAST OF THE EAST.  Thanks Teri!!!

I've been taking extra hours when I can get them at work.  Has put my free time to ride down the drain, but winters coming anyway, better to have a little extra for the bucket.

If you would like a custom cartoon image of your horse (or mule) I will draw it for you and send you a digital image that can be printed on t-shirts, mugs, stationary, cards, etc.   Paypal or check.  Contact me in the comments section.   A great gift idea for some else's horse...printed and framed as a cartoon.   Donation:  $10

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