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October 31, 2014

Sick but mending ponies

If you have horses you know, if it isn't one thing, well---yeah, it's another.  Journey succumbed to annual October outbreak of folliculitis which segues into multiple nasty and draining subcutaneous cess-pools of infection.  So she's on meds to clear that up.  Three Octobers in a row, I think next year I'm just going to go ask for the script ahead of time.   That is now on the mend.

Phebes got bit I believe by a spider.  Nasty huge swollen bit on her belly/flank area.  Not a spot she likes messed with necessarily on a good day, nonetheless I've been compressing it a couple times a day to encourage it to drain.  It is improved about 80% just a tight swollen spot now about the size of a quarter, and fang marks.   I'm hoping to ride her Sunday so hope I get it totally resolved by then.   I don't get very many chances to ride with other humans and this is an opportunity for a slow ride out which Phebes has not had in three years.

I know you all are sick of the bucket list, but I need to talk about it to keep myself motivated.  I'm not particularly good at long-term goals, it's an attention deficit thing or something such.  But I managed to squeak up the bucket another 1% since last report.  I'm expecting a little bump from cards this Thursday.   I'd like to hit that 25% mark, it will just give me H-O-P-E that I can manage to get it done on time with my very tight budget.  November should be a good work month for me as far as getting extra hours which all God willing will dump into the bucket.  Unfortunately extra hours do not = overtime for me since I'm only a 32 hour employee.  But I'll take what I can get.   Just want to keep it on target to meet the goal.  So far so good, barely on target...but there just the same.

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