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October 9, 2014

Civility in Social Media

Yeah, here I go again...

A few weeks back I was reading social media (facebook group to be precise) and the treatment of others who were having a civil discussion totally ticked me off.  It ticked me off so badly, that I fell off my civil soap box here.  Just so you know, it made me totally disappointed in myself that I fell victim to the very behavior that I hate.  Yes, HATE.   In that respect on that day I totally suck as a human being.

But the interesting thing about social media is that if you follow certain people long enough, their weaknesses, will be revealed (that includes me).  Through off-hand comment, or like today completely by accident on the AERC/ Distance riders page.    My bad indeed!  (at least it was someone else's bad) (indeed), thankfully not mine, as I've already had mine.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just follow the normal expected face to to face civility in all of our internet/social media travels?    Generally if I don't like someone, I just basically address them as if they don't exist in person. They don't waste my time, and I don't waste theirs.   Civil.  I don't pretend to be their friend...and later go next door and ridicule them.  Or send them helpful emails only to email someone else that they are a putz! That pretense happens often in the real world, and even more so in social media circles.   Maybe I have led too sheltered a life that my expectation is:

Be kind.

Treat others fairly.

Give them a chance.

When they have resoundingly proven themselves as a rat...let them know in a calm way that you are done.  They are a RAT.  Move on.

What I really want in life is these.  Oh!  I do have rainbows, those were both looking out off my back porch.  I. HAVE.RAINBOWS.  How lucky can one woman be? what can be nicer than two of them?  Well---three perhaps, but I haven't had a threesome yet.
Poop on social media.

disclaimer:  I am home and running a fever.  I may be rambling, delirious, but I will be civil and when I feel like ranting I will try to remember....


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