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October 6, 2014

A Productive Weekend

Wow.  Journey is full of herself.  Popping out of her skin full of herself.  I would not have been afraid to point her at an LD yesterday.  We only rode for an hour, and then followed with a half hour of lunging at the trot and canter, she did not pop a sweat and was changing direction like her butt was on fire.  Journey needs a job to do.   I may take her for a long ride next weekend and see if she has the sass in her pants to shoot for the LD.  I cannot justify the expense of an LD right now...but my mental health could sure benefit from one.  That is a fact.

Phebes on the other hand is like riding a schizophrenic (sometimes I wonder).  One day she is relaxed and with it, and the next time I climb on she is spooky and unreliable.  That pretty much sums up Phebes in a nut shell.   Currently we can't get out of the space of the round pen without her mentally unraveling, so round pen it is.  She did manage to relax finally yesterday enough that I could pretty much near sit her trot (rather than post).  I'm having trouble that when she gets leg to move out on the circumference of the circle she interprets that as "speed up" rather than only push out to the rail.  We will keep at it though.  The bit of work I've been getting done on her has improved her muscle.  Already seeing definition in her big behind, and she has lost a little weight which is good.  

I have a friend who is willing to come down and ride Journey for me a couple times a month, so hoping to get Phebes out for some long walking miles and see how things transpire.  Hoping to rebuild her confidence on the trail slowly.

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