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September 28, 2014

For Sale: SKITO pad with 100% Wool underside, beveled foam pads

 I have mended these two spots so they are not raveling any longer. (10/29/30)

This is a used and modified SKITO pad.  It as originally purchased for a dressage style treeless saddle.  I later shortened the skirt for my western saddle which it fit well .   I would recommend this pad for a Bob Marshall, fits an Abetta well, or size 15 or under western  saddles with minimal skirting.  The discoloration in bottom photo is dust it picked up off the porch.  The top picture is indicitive of the how the pad looks. The pad is peaked so it pulls up nice into the gullet and has tabs sewn to the front so you can put a tie to keep in place if you are riding treeless.  The bottom inside hem has worn on the edge but would be an easy repair by hand or machine with some black thread.  The wool has been well cared for and is fluffy and clean. the flap area is thin and quilted for less bulk under the leg. The foam shims are in very good condition but expect white hair on the foam!  The shims are front loading and velcro works great.  I'm not wanting to sell this item too bad as SKITO sells their pads for over $200 these days...but I have two and I have some goals to meet otherwise it would stay in the tack room.  

I do have a barrel shaped SKITO with the synthetic wool blend bottom.  It is in good shape as well.  I did modify the foam shims on it to give my mare more room under her saddle for rotation of her shoulder.  Still a great pad and I use it on Phebes.

Will only sell ONE OF THEM.  Make me an offer I can't refuse.  Payment by paypal, buyer pays shipping.

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