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September 14, 2014

Finally actual post disaster ride.

Slapped on the new reflective bridle but need to do some tweaking of the bit-hangers.  It needs more holes in order to get it down another notch.  It was okay where it was, but not where I usually have it.  I don't really care for the wrinkle in the mouth rule.  I like the bit just below that so that the wrinkle relaxes.  I have no great philosophy on that matter, it is where I like it, and that's it.  It is a nice bridle.  

I have been off weeks and weeks...was able to ride today without any pain in my tailbone and hip.  No dizziness.  My neck however continues to ache.  Already being arthritic with bone spurs in my neck then cranking into a sideways whiplash action did not do happy things for it.  I'm going to try some Naproxen for a couple of weeks, and if that doesn't do it, head to the chiropractor (I know my lower back and pelvis could use adjusting as if I lay on the floor the left side feels much higher than the is very strange.

 It was nice to get out and ride again.  It was a pleasure ride, and I have no immediate goals which really makes me uninterested.   I just need the carrot of competition or I'm generally non-motivated to do anything.  It was a pleasant ride though, no issues with her until we were nearly home and she could hear Cree screaming pathetically for her.
"Just when I thought it was finally over....she's back!"

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