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July 25, 2014

Old Dominion or Bust!


 Expressing her opinion on the turn of events...

Yes ... me and The Spotted Wonder are setting our sights on THE BEAST OF THE EAST.   It has been a goal on our bucket list for a long time.   If you have followed our blog for a while and would care to donate in any amount we would be ever so grateful ♥

Here is the short version of the goal.   I figure this whole adventure is going to cost between $2,000-3000 depending on such variables as do I need to rent a truck for the haul?  (Our's is sorely decrepit)  What are fuel prices in 2015-2016, what piece of my gear breaks or needs replacement by then, a new set of Renegade Vipers/and a spare since it is an important ride I'll want her wearing new ones all the way around,  she needs a cushioned mat as our trailer rides so rough...what ever health certificates and vaccinations she may need to travel across state lines, and administrative fees for this go fund me in the way of cartoon coffee cups, t-shirts, or a custom horse cartoon drawn by me as a thank you!

If you would be so kind as to share my link with horse people that get the whole endurance bucket list thing... :

I would be so appreciative of a donation to the cause in any amount.  Platinum level will get a limited edition JourneyToon coffee mug.  Gold level will get a custom JourneyToon t-shirt.  Silver level will receive a digital one of a kind custom cartoon of their very own horse suitable for transfer use to shirt, mugs, canvas, or ...!

I will also be offering some other custom designs for sale directly over the next year as fund raising options for the goal in the way of custom t-shirts, and coffee mugs.



In other news I have partnered with Two Horse Tack and you will be seeing some Two Horse Toons in their advertising and on their facebook page featuring the horse Magic and his sometimes peculiar...tack adventures ☺  Our agreement will help me to offer a tack auction or donor random drawing at some point for a full set of arabian sized tack as a fundraiser for OLD DOMINION OR BUST!   The tack set will be a halter bridle, breastcollar, reins, and if I can do enough work...maybe a crupper too.   Thank you Two Horse Tack!

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