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July 20, 2014

I love this Green Bean site

Most know by now that there is a Green Bean movement afoot in endurance.  It gets me stoked to see so many new faces finding interest in the sport, and a page that is available for the Greenies to ask questions in a "safe" forum without being blasted by negativity.   This isn't the only Green Bean page, and other movements to build the sport and educate the newbies are afoot in many regions.

It all just makes my ♥  HAPPY ☺

Endurance can be quite daunting in the beginning for some, and like falling off a log for others.  The difference being the learning curve, who is mentoring you (or not), the horse you are riding.  So many variables!

What further excites me maybe even more are the different horse breeds involved in this movement for fresh blood in the sport.  Oh there are always the nay-sayers that say you have to have an arabian.   But those people are always looking at it as a race.  There is just so much more to it than that, and many horses of various breeds can do it if their riders problem solve, and hang with it.   The most liberating thing that happened to me in this sport was when the bell rang in my head and I realized that winning (or top-tenning) was only one goal out of the many available in endurance.    My slow 50 last year was probably one of the most emotional things that happened to me in a very long time.  There is something to be said about enduring...fighting for something you want, and overcoming obstacles to get it.  Sitting in a restaraunt post ride after that first 50 ...chewing on a piece of chicken, tears rolling down my face, and laughing at the same time when I realized I finally by GOD did it, was the best prize I ever could have won.

So go Greenies!  I'm cheering for you on the sidelines.  EVERY. ONE. OF.YOU.

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