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June 9, 2014

Summer Breeze

The Daniel Boone Distance Riders have put a new ride on their calendar called Summer Breeze being held out of the Deam Lake Campground, reservations through the DNR.  Date: July 11 and 12th.  An Introductory ride is being offered.   You can find the entry form and information by clicking here.

The Spotted Wonder is going God willing and something doesn't smack us right down for thinking it...she is not a hot weather horse AT ALL and I am not a hot weather rider NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.  That said, we will likely enter the LD ride, and hope to do a multi-day which Journey has never done before.  I figure we do our best day one, and ride for a finish day two, but knowing our one vs day two won't look too horribly different *lol*.  But that is okay. 

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