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May 2, 2014

We are so not ready...

We have only had one week that topped 25 miles since winter and that was the second week of April.  Then she got sick, downtime, and rain, downtime.  My motivation is very low.  How do you pull the genie out of the bottle in two weeks when one week should be tapering?   Even if I "had" the full two weeks, the picture looks grim for a 50, and I was looking forward to getting it done so if life gets in the way I'd have at least the one for the year.  I keep thinking to myself which would be harder for her, back to back LD's or just attempt the 50.   Hope to get a long ride this weekend, but still not much of a conditioning base to brag about, that is for sure.

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  1. With the weather and my sickness we haven't done much either. Saturday we acually did 8 miles in 1 hr 5 minutes (cool!!) but we haven't done more than a 9 mile ride yet. I'm waffling on an LD or CTR next weekend but my friends think I'm crazy for worrying about it. A good friend of mine just completed a middle-of-the-pack 50, and her horse hadn't done more than a 12 mile conditioning ride. One time she did 12 miles twice a week but other than that, but probably no more than total 15 miles a week.