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May 27, 2014

Back to Hubbard Cool Command

I believe it was last fall that I switched to Purina Strategy as Journey's performance feed.  Admittedly I did not search for information concerning the NSC levels of the feed.  LSEGH being the brains of the outfit decided to do some searching on it this past week and discovered the nonstructured carbohydrates at around 26-28%.    That just floored me.  It also explained the difficulty with our transition to barefoot going backwards.  Suddenly this spring she was more sensitive over pavement, walking up the driveway, and I was finding she was more and more dependent on her boots, and becoming silly and spooky over things that she was previously oblivious.  I don't even remember what prompted me to move away from Hubbard's Cool Command in the first place, but I picked up a hundred pounds this afternoon to begin weaning her off Strategy and back onto Cool Command with much lower NSC.   Oddly enough the higher sugared Strategy did not seem to keep weight on her like the Cool Command.   Hopefully we can transition over slowly and have no digestive drama to contend with.

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  1. Oh yeah, the "regular" Strategy is high in NSCs. They do have a Healthy Edge Strategy, low in NSCs, and that's what I use to mix into Arie's beet pulp, and for a little extra at rides. By me, Healthy Edge seems to be the go-to for that "little something extra". However, if you think Journey is losing weight on high-NSC Strategy, then you shouldn't switch to the Healthy Edge one.