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March 31, 2014

So Behind the 8-Ball

March 31, 2014

Due to weather and time constraints the training will have to be split up.  Work is driving me nuts currently. Trying to bring Journey up to condition between bouts of the coughing fits.   Our session was only an hour tonight but placed all the focus on sustaining a trot.    She only hung in for just over a half hour of sustained (except to reverse direction).  I let her finish up with a trot, walk to the back of our property to get an hour done.  But we were seeing beautiful blue in our chart.  Blue without royal blue dips are the bomb.  Now we jut have to be able to do it for five or six hours.  Every time I think of four weeks away I have a rush of anxiety.  I guess if worse comes to worse I can skip it and go on a weekend of camping and riding to push towards the next one.

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