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April 1, 2014

Meds have been like a miracle

We've had a good three days.  Got in our LSD, our flat work, and a hill session.  The Spotted Wonder always gets my long days off.   The Trihist has just been miraculous for her.  Not sure if it is the Benadryl aspect, the decongestant, or the combo.  Her appetite is good, work ethic was good tonight.  So proud of the way she can shimmy down a hill, she really goes!   It's hard to describe what she does, but she's straight, and no longer rushes. I see this week as our first week really somewhat back into the groove.   Just have to do the best we can and accept that I reckon.  LSEGH is the chow master here in The Kingdom of Mare.   Journey can be persnickety and likes grains, but grains tend to make for sensitive hooves, so I limit that, and she gets ground flax seed in her her morning mash to increase her fat/calorie intake.   He tried just a couple of teaspoons of molasses for her post ride chow this evening and she was all over that like a giant suction device.  So I think we have a winner to get her to accept Strategy when she is working.  Hoping the rain we get tomorrow will be followed by some sunshine to make the grass get with it.  Contrary to The Other Side of the Fence, the staring isn't doing much in the way of good!    Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.  Ride them ponies!   ~ E.G.

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